Create A Custom Box Skill

Box Skills make it possible to apply A.I. on your cloud content. You can use Hydra Scanners to provide the A.I. capabilities for custom Box Skills. This guide covers the process of setting up a custom Box Skill and mapping it to Hydra.

1. Create a new custom Skill through Box developer console

Go to your Box Dev Console and click “Create New App”.

Select the “Custom Skill” card and click “Next”.

Give your custom Skill a unique name. We recommend a name that is relevant to the skill’s purpose.  Click “Create App”.

Click on Invocation URL and enter{{YOUR API KEY}}

 * You can see your Hydra API key here.

Copy the Client ID by clicking on the “copy” button.

Click “Save Changes”.

2. Authorize the new custom Box Skill through Box admin console

Go to URL and click “Add Skill”.

Paste the Client ID into the space provided and click “Next”.

From the two radio button options, click on “Select a whitelist of folders”, and click “Next”

Click on “Select Folders”.

Search for the folder created earlier and select it by clicking on the checkbox to the right.

Click on the “Choose” button.

Note: It takes some processing time before a newly created folder becomes searchable.  Try again in 30 minutes if you cannot find the folder.

Click “Next”.

Review the skill and click “Enable”.

Accept Terms by clicking on the “Accept” button when prompted

You should be able to see the new Hydra Skill listed in your Skills list at

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