How To Use The Rules Editor

Hydra offers a number of Scanner Templates for working with documents for extracting metadata and categorizing documents. Hydra supports using rules in addition to our core A.I. capabilities inside these Scanners. These rules define patterns that can be used to identify various data points from documents. As an example, if you are looking to identify purchase order numbers from invoices and the purchase order numbers always start with the letters PO then this is a pattern you can define through the Rules Editor and assign to the PO Number field. This is quite effective in any of the following scenarios:

  1. You want to get started quickly without spending time on training
  2. You have a very small dataset
  3. You are working with highly standardized forms (e.g. Invoices, Tax Forms, etc.)

You can access the Rules Editor through the Trainer UI 

> Click on the Train button on any active Scanner card on Hydra web app)

> Click on the Rules Editor button on the top left of the screen

Click on the Add Rule button next to label (i.e. metadata field) names to define extraction rules using regular expressions

You can use a resource like to validate your rules.

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